Get honest feedback from employees

Hear what employees REALLY want to say when their identity is protected.

Why Use TruVoice?

Our Value Proposition

Get Honest Feedback from Employees

You know getting honest employee feedback is important for the growth of your company. But many people find it hard to speak up either because they worry about potentially being viewed unfavorably, or simply because they're shy.

Whether it's asking questions or sharing constructive criticisms, employees are often burdened with "speaking up" while not attracting unfavorable view from the management.

So hear what your employees really want to say when their identities are protected. You'll be amazed to hear what they have to say.

Data & Stats to Back Up our Claim

Did You Know?

According to a survey, more than 70% employees have had questions or feedback that they wanted to share with their employers but did NOT because they were worried about potentially appearing unfavorably to the management or because they felt uncomfortable speaking up in front of their colleagues.

TruVoice Solution

Free Feature for Everyone (no signup required)

Anonymous Emails

Through TruVoice, anyone who wish to remain anonymous are encouraged to send anonymous emails to their management! This is a completely FREE service, available to the general public.

In our effort to protect our users' privacy, we do NOT collect any personally identifying information from our users (e.g. name, email address, phone number, IP address, et cetera).

No signup. No hassle. Only anonymous emails for free.

Send Anonymous Email for Free

Premium Feature for Enterprises

Anonymous One-Way Messages

TruVoice allows your employees to send anonymous one-way messages via a dedicated portal.

Since employees do not expect a response back, they do NOT need to leave their contact information, making it extremely easy to leave anonymous feedbacks and suggestions.

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Premium Feature for Enterprises

Anonymous Two-Way Conversations

Sometimes it's not enough to send one-way messages. Sometimes, employees may want to have an on-going conversation, a dialogue.

Having an anonymous two-way conversation ensures that employees can have an on-going dialogue while their identity remains protected.

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Premium Feature

Anonymous Slack Messages

TruVoice allows your employees to send anonymous Slack messages to your Slack workspace!

Instead of dropping Slack messages directly, employees who wish to remain anonymous can send their messages to TruVoice, which will relay them anonymously to any designated Slack channel or user.

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Our Pricing

We offer free and paid plans.

We believe that every employee should feel protected when voicing their opinions. So even if your employer is NOT a TruVoice customer, employees can still send anonymous emails to their employers using our free plan.


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